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Sundance 2022 Capsule Review: Warsha

Dania Bdeir’s Warsha is able to say a lot in its limited run time, although context is needed to make a full meal out of this short film. The film follows a Syrian migrant in Lebanon tasked with operating a dangerous crane

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Dressed to Kill

Written by Michael Clawson 90/100 Plenty of directors could be described as wearing their influences on their sleeves, but with De Palma, it seems more appropriate to say he holds his up and waves them around over his head so they can’t possibly go unnoticed.  And I love it! Dressed to Kill structurally imitates Psycho…

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Capsule Review: Operator

Dickie plays a 999 fire department phone line operator who takes a call from a woman trapped in a burning house with her son

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Ste. Anne

The natural landscape of Manitoba takes on an ethereal quality in Ste. Anne, the experimental first feature from Canadian writer/director Rhayne Vermette. Intuitive editing conjures a sense of floating

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The Tender Bar

With The Tender Bar, George Clooney has now directed eight movies, it is confounding to figure out exactly what he is interested in as a director. Since his promising one-two punch of Confession of a Dangerous Mind and Good Night and Good Luck, Clooney’s directing career has been

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A beautiful aerial shot of the Andes mountains in Peru filled with lush green and crystalline waters draws you in. Contrasted against aerial images of the earthy and brown tones of the Yanacocha Mine

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Hawkeye has never been anybody’s favorite Avenger (unless you want to be a contrarian), and so the announcement that Jeremy Renner would be headlining his own show was met with rather muted enthusiasm, mostly because no one cared that much. Even with the revelation that…

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Written by Michael Clawson 90/100 “Get to de choppa!!” That’s always been my go-to line when trying to do Arnold’s voice, and I didn’t even realize until now that it’s from Predator. Having never seen it in its entirety, I must have picked that up from the bits and pieces of the movie I saw on…

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Red Road

Written by Jeff Sparks 75/100 Red Road is the feature film debut of both legendary director Andrea Arnold and actress Kate Dickie. Coming after Arnold’s award-winning slice of life short Wasp, here Arnold decided to go for a more plot-based narrative. The film follows Dickie as Jackie Morrison, a CCTV operator in Glasgow who spots…

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The Hand of God

Written by Anna Harrison 80/100 “Reality is lousy,” proclaims Marchino (Marlon Joubert). That is why, according to him, and (apparently) according to Frederico Fellini, we make movies, but is that the only reason? That’s the question driving Paolo Sorrentino’s latest, The Hand of God, and it’s one that Sorrentino stand-in and Marchino’s younger brother, Fabio…

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Poupelle of Chimney Town

Written by Patrick Hao 50/100 Poupelle of Chimney Town is the first foray into 3DCG animation for Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C. 3DCG (or 3D computer graphics animation) has been a controversial subject amongst anime fans that have placed a premium in traditional 2D animation. Poupelle presented an excellent opportunity for the studio to experiment…

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The Lost Daughter

Written by Maria Athayde 60/100 The Lost Daughter written and directed by Maggie Gyllenhall is a movie on motherhood, unlike anything I have ever seen. In this film motherhood is messy. It is a commendable debut directorial feature for Gyllenhall who is just as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of it.…

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Drink in the Movies Top 5 Limited Series and Television Shows of 2021

Our Drink in the Movies team have compiled a comprehensive year-end piece that provides a shared look at each of our top 5 Limited Series and Television Show selections of 2021. Our team compiled their lists based on titles that had a finale air between January 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2021. You can see…

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American Underdog

Written by Patrick Hao 35/100 The Erwin Brothers might not be household names yet in the film world, but they are starting to build an empire based on a simple premise: making faith-based films rooted in secular genres. Too often, with companies like PureFlix, these faith-based films wear their messaging on their sleeves, like in…

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