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SIFF 2022: The Good Boss

Written by Taylor Baker

By maintaining a distant goal that everything is working toward “The Good Boss” is able to delve deep into moments with its characters while maintaining momentum toward the inevitable visit by the committee who bestow the

SIFF 2022: The Duke

Written by Patrick Hao

Perfectly agreeable good time at the movies. That is how I would describe “The Duke” and most of the films in Roger Michell’s filmography. The director of breezy light populist dramas such as “Notting Hill,”

SIFF 2022: Voice of Silence (소리도 없이)

Written by Taylor Baker

These twists on what are otherwise dark circumstances keep “Voice of Silence” balanced on the edge of the genres it’s playing in and allow moments like hands rising from

SXSW 2022: This Much I Know To Be True

Written by Alexander Reams

Nick Cave has long been a spiritual musician, not in a religious way, but more in the way his voice contorts and the instrumentation he uses. Specifically in his forays into film scoring. My favorite

SXSW 2022: The Lost City

Written by Anna Harrison

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a romance novelist somehow gets caught up in a nefarious plot in a tropical location, an attractive man gets dispatched to rescue her, and the two fall in love as they make their way through the jungle.

SIFF 2022: El Carrito

Written by Raúl Mendoza

“El Carrito” is an intimate portrayal of the American Dream and what it truly means to lose the source of your livelihood. The film is written, directed, edited, and produced by Zahida Pirani who has before tackled the difficulties of being

SIFF 2022 Curtain Raiser w/ Taylor Baker and Thomas Stoneham-Judge of ForReel

“Ahed’s Knee.” “Flux Gourmet.” “Barbarian Invasion.” “In Front of Your Face.” “The Justice of Bunny King.” “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” “Cha Cha Real Smooth.” These are just a few of the many films that Taylor Baker and Thomas Stoneham-Judge discuss in this curtain raiser video for SIFF 2022. SIFF 2022 is a hybrid … Continue reading SIFF 2022 Curtain Raiser w/ Taylor Baker and Thomas Stoneham-Judge of ForReel

SXSW 2022: Facing Nolan

Written by Alexander Reams

Nolan Ryan. Historically one of the greatest pitchers of all time, he not only captured the hearts of fans, but also the fear of his opponents. The iconic pitcher is the subject of director Bradley Jackson’s debut, chronicling the major points of Ryan’s life

SXSW 2022: Linoleum

Written by Anna Harrison

“Linoleum” has a perfectly mundane setup: Cameron (Jim Gaffigan) is going through a midlife crisis, the kind that we’ve seen played out on screen countless times before. Only when a car falls out of the sky in front of him do we begin to realize

SXSW 2022: To Leslie

Written by Taylor Baker

Michael Morris’ “To Leslie” presents the journey of a washed-up alcoholic named Leslie (Andrea Riseborough) who after winning the lottery blows her cash, abandons her child, and eeks out a meager existence going bottle to bottle and day to

SXSW 2022: Pirates

Written by Alexander Reams

There are those nights, nights that you remember with your friends, that live in the halls of glory in your mind. For many people, celebrating the millennium was one of those nights, the fear of Y2K looming in some minds. Reggie Yates’ directorial debut is about

SXSW 2022: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Written by Patrick Hao

The only thing hotter than the multiverse right now in American cinema is generational trauma, especially in narratives about the Asian diaspora. The Daniels, the filmmaking duo of Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert making their second feature film


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