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Tribeca 2022: 38 at the Garden

Written by Patrick Hao

“As a long-suffering Knicks fan, there is nothing like Madison Square Garden when the Knicks are good. I was there for the ten-game stretch ten years ago when undrafted 12th-man Jeremy Lin led the Knicks on a historic run.”

Tribeca 2022: Game Change Game

Written by Patrick Hao

““Game Change Game” is a documentary, co-produced by the NBA Players Association, that gives an unprecedented look into the mental headspace of the NBA players as they navigate restarting their season in the “NBA Bubble” while a massive protest movement sparked by…”

Tribeca 2022: Somewhere in Queens

Written by Patrick Hao

“Romano’s writer-director film debut, “Somewhere in Queens,” is an inverse of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” model. With a standard indie film exterior, something more grounded and true to home, Romano relies on broad characterization in his portrait of a…”

Tribeca 2022 Wrap-Up with Thomas Stoneham-Judge and Taylor Beaumont of ForReel

In this video Taylor Baker is joined by Thomas Stoneham-Judge and Taylor Beaumont from ForReel, who also covered the festival remotely. They discuss some standout titles they each screened as part of the festival, and also talk about some notable films and filmmakers they discovered.

Tribeca 2022: The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

Written by Taylor Baker

“Two years later he’s reteamed with the star of “The Killing of Two Lovers,” Clayne Crawford in a meandering film on manhood entitled “The Integrity of Joseph Chambers.” It shares more than a few commonalities with its predecessor…”

Tribeca 2022: Chicken

Written by Alexander Reams

“Short films often feel the need to pack a larger punch than a feature-length film because of their runtime, this leads to grand, cathedral-sized ideas gestating for such a short period of time that it can be smothering, or leave you with nothing.”

Tribeca 2022: Attachment

Written by Alexander Reams

“Once the supernatural aspects and religious aspects come in Gislason seems to lose control over his film, and things become sloppy. The edits are more and more jarring, the music is unnecessarily intrusive, and the blocking goes from meticulous to.,.”

Tribeca 2022: Petit Mal

Written by Maria Athayde

““Petit Mal” is the latest feature film by Spanish writer and director Ruth Caudeli, it is the epitome of a movie that is better experienced than described. This semi-autobiographical piece tells the story of a throuple…”

Tribeca 2022: Bowery

Written by Alexander Reams

“There is a place, one that most of society either doesn’t look at or doesn’t want to look at. A place where the people who can’t remain in quickly gentrifying neighborhoods, the people that come with them, or the inflation. Once they can’t…”

Vancouver Greek Film Festival Curtain Raiser

“In this video Taylor Baker speaks with Thomas Stoneham-Judge and Todd Pengelly about the inaugural Vancouver Greek Film Festival.

The Vancouver Greek Film Festival is taking place in-person from June 16 to June 19 and is made possible by a partnership with…”

Atlanta Film Festival 2022: Hands That Bind

Written by Anna Harrison

““Hands That Bind” is ostensibly a Western, but it’s a Western by way of sci-fi luminaries such as Arthur C. Clarke and filmic oddballs like Stan Brackage, and as such it’s a bit hard to pin down…”

Tribeca 2022: Liquor Store Dreams

Written by Patrick Hao

““Liquor Store Dreams” is a deeply personal film for its director, So Yun Um. In fact, it’s a documentary unpacking her own complicated feelings as part of the Asian diaspora in the United States. A self-monikered “liquor store baby,” her family is one of…”

Tribeca Festival 2022 Curtain Raiser with Thomas Stoneham-Judge of ForReel

“Tribeca Festival is ready to showcase the newest in movies and entertainment. The in-person festival runs from June 8th-19th and the Tribeca At Home Festival runs from June 9th-26th.

Taylor Baker is joined by Thomas Stoneham-Judge from ForReel, who is also covering the festival remotely. They discuss…”

Atlanta Film Festival 2022: The Murder Podcast

Written by Anna Harrison

“There is something immensely satisfying about the stupidity of “The Murder Podcast”—satisfying less because it’s good, and more because it know it’s not, but there’s no shame in that when played correctly. Even its protagonist’s name, Chad Thadwick, lends itself to absurdity, as director/writer William Bagley (and actor Andrew McDermott) knows full well…”

SXSW 2022: Gone in the Night (The Cow)

Written by Taylor Baker

Horowitz’s debut feature is sadly dated and one-note. This is a shame because there is a level of sincerity and earnestness apparent in his work, he wants to give the audience an


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