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Sundance 2023: Infinity Pool

Written by Alexander Reams “Following his electrifying 2020 surreal body horror film “Possessor,” Brandon Cronenberg has returned to the world of surreal and body horror, fully diving into the maximalist tendencies he showed in…”

Sundance 2023: Sometimes I Think About Dying

Written by Jeff Sparks “Like her life, the film itself is quiet and often unenthusiastic. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because its hushed tone and restrained presentation capture the feeling of disengagement and seclusion that Fran feels on a daily basis. The one flair that the film has is…”

Sundance 2023: Heroic / You Hurt My Feelings / Fair Play

“Taylor Baker was invited to speak with fellow Seattle Film Critics Society member Aaron White from Feelin’ Film on Aaron’s Podcast. They discuss the Sundance 2023 feature films “Heroic,” “You Hurt My Feelings,” and “Fair Play.””

HCAF 2022: Sick of Myself (Syk pike)

Written by Raúl Mendoza “Their twisted view of love that is fueled by their attention-seeking narcissism is at the forefront and pushes Signe to levels that would cause her harm by taking an illegal Russian prescription drug that is linked to causing a rare…”

Sundance 2023: Cat Person

Written by Maria Athayde “Unlike Janicza Bravo’s brilliant “Zola” the more I think about this the more I am certain that not every story that blows up on Twitter needs to be adapted into a movie.”

Slamdance 2023: Stars in the Ordinary Universe

Written by Anna Harrison “Bowon Kim’s first feature, “Stars in the Ordinary Universe,” has all the potential the multiverse can offer, but despite its best efforts (and believe me, Kim tries very hard to find that spark), it makes even the limitless multiverse boring to the point where its multiversal, multi-story nature seems pointless…”

Sundance 2023: Theater Camp

Written by Maria Athayde “Based on the short film of the same name “Theater Camp” is a delightful and feel good first feature co-directed by Molly Gordon and Nickberman. I was surprised at how much fun I had with this given my mixed reaction to the…”

Sundance 2023: When It Melts (Het smelt)

Written by Taylor Baker ““When It Melts” slowly unfurls the staggering pain of loneliness as a child. Eva is torn by her desire to belong in a family that doesn’t want her and her want for a neighborhood boy she fancies. In an effort to get close to him she…”

Sundance 2023: L’immensità

Written by Taylor Baker “Three children navigate their neighborhood, school, family, and lives in “L’immensità,” while their mother Clara (Penelope Cruz) traverses a marriage that is seemingly at the end of its rope. The film is generally more interested in…”

Our 10 Most Anticipated Films of Sundance 2023

1. ‘Infinity Pool’ (dir. Brandon Cronenberg) 2. ‘Cat Person’ (dir. Susanna Fogel) 3. ‘You Hurt My Feelings’ (dir. Nicole Holofcener) 4. ‘Theater Camp’ (dir. Molly Gordon & Nick Lieberman) 5. ‘Eileen’ (dir. William Oldroyd) 6. ‘Fair Play’ (dir. Chloe Domont) 7. ‘Bad Behaviour’ (dir. Alice Englert) 8. ‘Going Varsity in Mariachi’ (dir. Alejandra Vasquez &…


Written by Michael Clawson “After a refreshing if not entirely successful stopover in France for “The Truth,” “Broker” marks a thematic and geographic retreat to more familiar territory for Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda. Set in Japan, this tender drama bears a…”

VIFF 2022: Tori and Lokita

Written by Taylor Baker “Newcomers Pablo Schils and Joely Mbundu play “Tori and Lokita,” two immigrants to Belgium eking out an existence between the lines of laws and institutions while Lokita works her way through the purgatory that is immigration in Belgium. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne are…”

VIFF 2022 Capsule Review: Firecracker Bullets

Written by Alexander Reams “Indigenous politics and activism have long been sidelined despite the extensive history of colonialism and Native peoples being intertwined with the rise of America. With the increase of awareness of social issues being more prominent with the prevalence of…”

VIFF 2022: Ever Deadly

Written by Alexander Reams ““Ever Deadly” opens with a 7-minute throat singing sequence. It’s simultaneously intense and empyreal, there is an otherworldly aspect to the singing. I’d go even further and say the film encapsulates its 90-minute runtime in those opening seven. A feat for a lot of directors, but…”


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