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Episode 115: Tribeca 2021: False Positive / Italian Studies / Last Film Show / Essie Davis Interview

“The invention of the tripod was the best thing to happen to photography and the worst thing to happen to cinematography.” Pan Nalin, Director of Last Film Show Links: Apple Podcasts | Castbox | Deezer | Gaana | Google Podcasts | iHeartRadio | JioSaavn | LibSyn | Player FM | RadioPublic | Spotify | Stitcher … Continue reading Episode 115: Tribeca 2021: False Positive / Italian Studies / Last Film Show / Essie Davis Interview

VIFF 2021 Review: Bipolar

Written by Patrick Hao 73/100 It’s hard to describe exactly what Queena Li’s debut feature Bipolar is without sounding like an intern at a movie studio writing script coverage. There are bits of Luis Bunuel’ and Maya Deren’s surrealism, bits of Jim Jarmusch’ and David Lynch’s absurdist take on the everyday man, and Ingmar Bergman’s … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: Bipolar

VIFF 2021 Review: Bergman Island

Written by Taylor Baker 88/100 Mia Hansen-Løve’s seventh feature length film entitled Bergman Island is in essence a meta fictional island getaway trip to work on new creative projects for a couple. The titular island is called Fårö, Ingmar Bergman’s palatial getaway where he crafted some of his greatest masterpieces, and some of the world’s … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: Bergman Island

VIFF 2021 Review: Three Sisters

Written by Alexander Reams 55/100 Family ties us all together. Even with a strenuous relationship, family is always going to be a part of your life. Such is the case in Lee Seung-Woo’s Three Sisters. The eponymous three sisters gather on their father’s birthday. All of them carry scars and memories from their upbringing and … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: Three Sisters

VIFF 2021 Review: Red Rocket

Written by Taylor Baker 85/100 What happens when there’s a global epidemic and the film you’d been planning to shoot can’t be shot? For Sean Baker the answer to that question is Red Rocket. A long gestating idea that’s been percolating around his mind since researching for his 2012 film Starlet which he also co-wrote … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: Red Rocket

Fantastic Fest 2021 Review: Mad God

Written by Alexander Reams 76/100 Stop motion animation has always been my favorite medium within animated storytelling. There’s a level of passion that is shown throughout stop motion animation that I appreciate above all else. From Wes Anderson’s entries in this genre to the Laika films, sans the occasional miss, stop motion has always always … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2021 Review: Mad God

Fantastic Fest 2021: Lamb

Written by Taylor Baker 50/100 Valdimar Jóhannsson solo directorial debut Lamb is a mountainous pastoral film that details the lives of two farmers. Maria and Ingvar, played by Noomi Rapace(Millennium Series and Prometheus) and Hilmir Snær Guðnason whose films most American audiences won’t know. Maria and Ingvar have barns full of sheep, a barnyard cat, … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2021: Lamb

VIFF 2021 Review: One Second

Written by Patrick Hao  63/100 Two years ago, Zhang Yimou’s One Second was pulled at the last minute from the Berlin International Film Festival. Many assumed this was due to last minute edits by the Chinese censors regarding the film’s content. This is especially surprising considering how Zhang has been criticized by contemporaries such as … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: One Second

Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review: I’m Your Man (Ich bin dein Mensch)

Written by Patrick Hao 72/100 Since Her was released in 2013, a commentary on the loneliness of humans with the dawn of AI technology, filmic depictions of technology have been especially dour. The Black Mirror-ification of media harping on the cynicism of what technology is doing to humans – a perfectly valid response to our … Continue reading Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review: I’m Your Man (Ich bin dein Mensch)

Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review: I’m Your Man

Written by Anna Harrison 70/100 German director Maria Schrader’s I’m Your Man joins the endless ranks of movies grappling with artificial intelligence that have populated the cinematic landscape for decades, though this time it’s a romcom focusing on the connection between cuneiform expert Alma (Maren Eggert) and Tom (Dan Stevens, speaking German and executive producing), … Continue reading Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review: I’m Your Man

VIFF 2021 Review: Flee

Written by Patrick Hao 85/100 Flee tells us a story in a traditional sense. Amin Nawabi, not the real name of the real Afghan refugee who is the subject of this documentary, sits down in front of the camera to tell us his story. His story is harrowing, inspiring, funny, and scary, and it’s hard … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: Flee

VIFF 2021 Review: Mothering Sunday

Written by Taylor Baker 40/100 Mothering Sunday is a staggered storyline period piece, that follows Jane Fairchild played by Odessa Young as she variously writes a novel, and experiences the sultry romance of forbidden love by imagining herself as the main character in the story she’s telling. Her lover Paul Sheringham is played by Josh … Continue reading VIFF 2021 Review: Mothering Sunday


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