Reviews and Reflections

The Dissident

Written by Taylor Baker 16/100 Bryan Fogel’s follow up to Icarus is a sprawling reduction of its subject with enough drone footage and shiny Twitter animations to make sure you don’t forget it was made at some point in the last three years. Investigative Journalism at it’s best boils down essential pieces of data as … Continue reading The Dissident


Written by Michael Clawson 50/100 Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in hopes of a fresh start with only her cute cat Giles for companionship (don’t get too attached, Giles doesn’t last long), Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom), a soft-spoken twenty-something, is lucky enough to quickly land a one bedroom at an apartment complex where it … Continue reading 1BR

Easy Living (1937)

Written by Michael Clawson 90/100 A comedy of coincidence causing chaos and one great big misunderstanding, with an enjoyably balanced combination of slapstick and screwball. Fed up with his wife’s extravagant spending, J.B. Ball, a oafish banker with a fortune as big as his ego, tosses his wife’s newly purchased sable coat off their roof. … Continue reading Easy Living (1937)

Pieces of a Woman

Written by Taylor Baker 48/100 Kornél Mundruczô’s Pieces of a Woman starts out with one of the most beautiful (to look) at sequences of film in the last year. But between issues with lighting continuity, general continuity, off center cinematography, and a story that is both too broad and too narrow. There are unfortunately a … Continue reading Pieces of a Woman

The Dark and the Wicked

Written by Michael Clawson 50/100 In this unremittingly grim horror movie from Bryan Bertino (The Strangers), brother and sister Michael and Louise (Michael Abbot and Marin Ireland), estranged from each other in adulthood, return to their parent’s farm in rural Texas to be with their deathly ill father despite their mother insisting that they shouldn’t … Continue reading The Dark and the Wicked

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Written by Taylor Baker 66/100 Black Bottom starts with a magnetic and memorable opening scene. Viola is at once alluring and gravitational. Her character ‘Ma’ or ‘Ma Rainey’ is a powerful role. She lingers with the viewer long after the credits roll. That distinctive face and sooty make up engulf you. Boseman’s ‘Levee’ is deserving … Continue reading Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

The Weasel’s Tale

Written by Taylor Baker 78/100 After waiting more than a year for The Weasel’s Tale to become available in the U.S. it’s safe to say I had expectations that bordered on unfair. The mystery drama Campanella takes us on seems familiar. The luxuriant digital cinematography, the violence indicated by an early chicken coop scene, an … Continue reading The Weasel’s Tale


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