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Champions (2023)

Written by Patrick Hao “What do you say about a movie that follows the structure of every inspirational sports movie comedy ever made? Bobby Farrelly’s “Champions” is a straight-down-the-middle sports comedy where instead of the ragamuffin…”

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Rye Lane

Written by Maria Athayde “Allen-Miller expertly uses angular camera work, bold colors, music, and flashbacks to breathe life into the story. What sets these flashbacks apart is that they play out as an idealized retelling of past events. So, when we…”

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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Written by Taylor Baker ““Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” is by no means bad, but neither is it memorable in any substantial way. If nothing else as a proof of concept it is exciting, to know that we may be in store for further visits to…”

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A Thousand and One

Written by Michael Clawson “With period pieces so often reaching far back through history for their stories, it’s refreshing when a movie takes the more recent past as its backdrop. A.V. Rockwell’s Sundance-winning debut “A Thousand and One”…”

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Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Written by Alexander Reams “The final product is a mess of what the studios think the movie should be and Sandberg’s creative tendencies toward family dynamics accented with horror-based set pieces. But it doesn’t work, and it’s hard to watch…”

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Make Believe Film Festival: The Five Devils

Written by Taylor Baker “Léa Mysius’s “The Five Devils” is a noteworthy sophomore film, not just in its accomplished delivery of craft but its effortlessness at capturing the story of a young girl time-traveling while a family and small community seem splinter apart.”

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Written by Jeff Sparks “Horrifying images of mothers and their children suffocating leave a lasting feeling of hopelessness long after the episode ends, but maybe that’s the point that directors Dowdie and Gordon are going for. No matter your stance…”

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A Little White Lie

Written by Alexander Reams “My biggest issue with “A Little White Lie” is its laziness, its apathy towards any plot that is driven and fleshed out, the apathy of even a great performer in Michael Shannon, and the lack of anything new being said.”

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Return to Seoul (Retour à Séoul)

Written by Michael Clawson “A riveting and gorgeous character study, “Return to Seoul” follows Freddie (Ji-Min Park), a restless 25-year-old woman born in South Korea, but raised by adoptive parents in France. On a whim, Freddie travels back to…”

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The Last of Us

Written by Anna Harrison “Why the hell did you even adapt this for television in the first place if you’re just going to keep things the same, right down to the camera angles and cuts? What do you need this new medium for if you aren’t going to change a single damn thing?”

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Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Written by Alexander Reams “When the words “troubled production” are spoken, it’s like a hex, a promise that a film will be bad because the making of it was rough. Guy Ritchie’s latest action fare was originally supposed to be released almost 15 months ago on…”

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Dragonflies (Libélulas)

Written by Jeff Sparks ““Libélulas” stars Olivia Baglivi and Milena Smit as Alex and Cata, two friends who’ve long dreamt of escaping their small, rundown town in search of a better life. With troubled home lives and even messier social…”

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Written by Maria Athayde “Unfortunately, not even he can save “65,” a movie with a premise that looked good on paper but was not actualized on screen. The plot is simple, Adam Driver is Mills, a pilot from the planet…”

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All the World is Sleeping

Written by Jeff Sparks “While they’re on different sides of the spectrum, the thing they have in common is that they both know that addiction isn’t a battle, but a war. How will Chama and…”

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The Evil Dead

Written by Alexander Reams ““The Evil Dead” has held a death grip on the horror genre for over 40 years and its easy to see why, Raimi’s masterful control of comedic timing and dread, violence that uses practical effects, Bruce Campbell’s deranged performance driving…”

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