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The Father

Written by Taylor Baker 82/100 Playwright Florian Zeller’s directorial debut The Father an adaptation of his own play is an exquisite demonstration of tone management and trusting of central players. There is no gawdy tricks, nor leaning on tropes. From start to finish The Father is exactly what you see it as. Confusing, scary, loving, … Continue reading The Father


Written by Nick McCann 95/100 It fills me with joy when filmmakers have kids that go on to do filmmaking of their own. Enter David Cronenberg, the king of body horror! His movies over the years raised as many social and thematic questions as they did drain blood out of people. Now comes his son Brandon, … Continue reading Possessor


Written by Alina Faulds 45/100 Possessor is the latest film from Brandon Cronenberg, another attempt to live up to his father’s legendary status in the industry. On one hand, he succeeds, the sci-fi body horror is just what one would expect from a Cronenberg flick, on the other hand, Possessor doesn’t live up to its … Continue reading Possessor

Suspiria (2018)

Written by Michael Clawson 85/100 By ditching the phantasmagoric color that animated Argento’s beloved classic and foregrounding the political turmoil of late 1970s Germany, Guadagnino steeps his reimagining of Suspiria in reality, only to send it dancing into the depths of a beautifully twisted nightmare at the drop of a silver hook. Call Me By Your Name‘s warm … Continue reading Suspiria (2018)

A Thousand Cuts

Written by Taylor Baker 85/100 “And we have a bomb threat, so that’s a good sign.” A Thousand Cuts as many have aptly pointed out feels unfinished, which is more a beauty mark than a blemish. It seems fitting that a documentary about the volatility, development, and set backs presented to a democracy feels unfinished. The … Continue reading A Thousand Cuts

Sophie Jones

Written by Taylor Baker 63/100 Jessie Barr’s directorial debut Sophie Jones starring her cousin Jessica Barr manages to to feel personal enough to never lose the interest of the viewer. Though one may meander away briefly in scenes when Sophie lays down in the grass and looks at the sky or has another empty conversation … Continue reading Sophie Jones

The Lobster

Written by Michael Clawson 85/100 Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster is an expertly crafted and biting satire about the absurdity of modern attitudes towards single-hood and marriage. It depicts a dystopian future where single people are brought together and have 45 days to find a partner, or else be transformed into animal of their choosing. David, … Continue reading The Lobster

The Fly

Written by Michael Clawson 75/100 “Be afraid, be very afraid.” A line my dad quoted all the time when I was growing up, so it was fun to finally it hear in context.  Absolutely wild practical makeup and effects, far and away the most disgusting image being of Veronica giving birth to a slimy, writhing … Continue reading The Fly


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