Episode 4: The Voice of an Artist


A spine to my films that’s become more evident to me is that many are about the choices people make, and the reverberations of those choices. You go this way, or that way, and either way, there’s going to be consequences. -Spike Lee

This week on the Podcast we discuss: She’s Gotta Have It(1:07-14:07), Malcolm X(14:23-38:43), 25th Hour(38:44-1:08:09), BlacKkKlansman(1:04:20-1:44:31), and Sharp Objects Episodes 3 & 4(1:44:32-2:17:39). We do have a brief digression during our discussion of BlacKkKlansman about the film Blindspotting(1:13:30-1:23:00). Reference the timestamps preceding this sentence if you wish to avoid this discussion and still listen to the BlacKkKlansman review.

The classic theme this week was a selection of Spike Lee Films in honor of the voice and originality he has brought to everyone for 30 years. His new film in wide release is BlacKkKlansman. As always the podcast is filled with SPOILERS, so if you don’t want to ruin a specific movie refer to the time stamps included for that very reason.


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Netflix Films this Week:

She’s Gotta Have It: https://www.netflix.com/title/60034929

References and Corrections from the Week:

She’s Gotta Have It References: Wonder Wheel, Argo, Gone Girl, 25th Hour, She’s Gotta Have It(Television Show).

Malcolm X References: Cabin in the Sky, Chi Raq, BlacKkKlansman, 25th Hour, Inside Man.

25th Hour References: Succession, Patch Adams, Jack Goes Boating, John Wick, Una, Sharp Objects.

BlacKkKlansman References: Malcolm X, Irrational Man, Wonder Wheel, Magic in the Moonlight, NYT Podcast-Still Processing, Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, War on Everyone, The Nice Guys, Hail, Caesar!, The Birth of a Nation, Gone with the Wind, 25th Hour, the philosopher Taylor brought up detailing social fences is John R. Searle the book he cited the idea’s from is Making the Social World: The Structure of Human Civilization.

Sharp Objects Episode 3&4 References: Podcast-Filmspotting #692 The Dark Knight 10th Anniversary/ HBO Sharp Objects, Big Little Lies, Dallas Buyers Club, Wild, Hereditary, Mosaic, Umbrella’s of Cherborg, Hail, Caesar!.

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