Episode 57: 6 Underground / Monos / Richard Jewell / A Hidden Life

“After directing awhile, you get an instinct about it, but you have to be able to trust your own feelings. Invariably, two-thirds of the way through a film, you say, “Jeezus, is this a pile of crap! What did I ever see in it in the first place?” You have to shut off your brain and forge ahead, because by that time you’re getting so brainwashed. Once I commit myself to a film I commit myself to that ending, whatever the motivations and conclusions are.”

Clint Eastwood

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On Episode 58 of the Podcast Michael & Taylor discuss First Impressions of Tenet & Woman in the Window. Then discuss the Titles: 6 Underground, Monos, Richard Jewell, and A Hidden Life.

Streaming links for titles this episode

6 Underground on Netflix

Monos on Hulu

Richard Jewell and A Hidden Life is currently available to rent from multiple sources.

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