Episode 66: The Invisible Man / The Promise / The Child / The Kid with a Bike

“When we make a movie, and when we offer it to the audience, it’s like sharing a journey or a trip where everyone is going to find his way and not necessarily just ours. It’s also an object of encounters, which does not mean that we all have to have the same opinion. But at least it’s exposed dialogue, and it helps you think and reflect and share with others and even to talk to yourself. It’s a quiet kind of conversation.”

Jean-Pierre Dardenne

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On Episode 66 of the Podcast Michael and Taylor discuss their First Impressions of: Never Rarely Sometimes Always & Last and First Men and the Titles: The Invisible Man, The Promise, The Child, and The Kid with a Bike.

Streaming links for titles this episode

The Promise on Criterion Channel

The Kid with a Bike on Criterion Channel

The Invisible Man and The Child are currently available to rent from multiple sources.

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