Written by Taylor Baker


To better express my emotions regarding this film I will quote Lorde sampling Paul Simon on the song Hard Feeling/Loveless.

“What is this tape? This is my favourite tape!”

Paul Simon

Trey’s ability to use the formalism of multiple film genres to queue the viewer into the happenings before they occur is sickeningly delicious and masterful. The weaving of image, time, and soundtrack work immaculately from a visual perspective. But, it’s the feeling and the feelings that transfer through the piece to the viewer that’s simply sublime. Only comparable to Malick at his best for me. In a sensory amalgam this effort lands somewhere beautiful between The New World, American Honey, and Moonlight. Schultz has cemented himself as the equivalent of a filmmaker who is practically an institution in much the same way that Nolan, Iñárritu, Villeneuve and Anderson(both) have.

A lock for multiple spots on my various Best/Top of 2019 lists. Don’t be afraid to make it one of yours, just remember to go in with an empty bladder and an open heart.


Taylor Baker originally published this review on Letterboxd 12/11/19

Discussed on Drink in the Movies Episode 56.

Available for rent from most services.

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