The Social Dilemma

Written by Taylor Baker


How do you make a documentary with Tristan Harris, Renee DiResta, Guillaume Chaslot, Jonathan Haidt, and Baron Lanier that is bad? These are some of the most delightful and absurd thinkers of our time and to see them reduced to this project is disheartening. A documentary that gets progressively worse the longer it goes on.

More of an Op-Ed in visual form than a Doc, having Tristan as the human center piece was a foolish choice. I love him, but he is not someone you should build a film project around. The PSA like live reenactment segments devolved steadily in quality and content.

To anyone interested in these topics I would highly recommend you seek out the names I listed above for their many in depth interviews and discussions as well as the many delightful and insightful conversations Lex Fridman has had on his Podcast, which often addresses these topics to varying degrees.

Biased and logically incoherent the longer Justin Rosenstein talks toward the end. It’s funny to see this begin sensationalizing its own content while attempting to form an argument against it. An unfortunate massive flub on a topic of immense interest. Similar to The Great Hack.

Not recommended.

The Social Dilemma Trailer

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