Enter the Void

Written by Taylor Baker


” I can’t believe this is real. Fuck.”

The spectre of one man’s life is the silhouette of those in it. The unique third person from the back of the head that we often see in video games provides a unique after-life perspective. It is also a required choice in order to offer a body the viewer can pretend to inhabit.

I’m curious if having first hand experience of the chemicals depicted is necessary to grasp the beauty and universality of the story. Gaspar more than any other director I’ve seen is able to invoke biological evolution, it’s various components and shapes on a varying scale of grandness and minimalism. Implicit in it’s imagery and often explicit in it’s shirking of social norms.

If you aren’t interested in some very complicated sexual and emotional feelings, a fully committed depiction of what could happen after you die, or how “drugs” may in fact bring enlightenment, this absolutely isn’t for you. If all those things sound good, then give it a rip while you rip on something else to.

My favorite scene is definitely the car crash, how the editor lulls the viewer into the car was just amazing, good form on the shots, sound, and lighting; just a brilliant bit of photography with brilliant placement. I’m beginning to think the star of most Gaspar’s pictures is the lens itself.

Highly Recommended

Enter the Void Trailer

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