Wrath of Man

Written by Alexander Reams


Guy Ritchie has always been one of my favorite filmmakers since the 2009 Sherlock Holmes. Even the highly polarizing and generally panned King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a film I will champion whenever I can. He is back with frequent collaborator Jason Statham. Their last collaboration was the highly unsuccessful Revolver back in 2005. Before that they had worked on Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Their newest film Wrath of Man follows Jason Statham’s “H” as he begins to work for a cash truck company under mysterious circumstances.

Wrath of Man continues Guy Ritchie’s resurgence in pop culture after The Gentlemen. His resurgence is accredited to him mixing his iconic style with more fleshed out characters and interesting witty dialogue. Wrath of Man also brings out a new, dramatic side of Statham. His role here is much more subdued than the roles we are used to seeing him in. Statham has never been better and you can see that he is having a great time in the film even in the most somber moments. 

The action sequences are not as frequent as you might think, but when they hit, they hit hard. One particularly violent and impactful scene takes place as Statham is walking out of an interrogation. The primary issue I have with the film and it’s execution is the underuse of Jeffery Donovan. He is undercut constantly and consistently by Scott Eastwood. Eastwood is a notably weaker performer than Donovan, which hamfists moments that should crescendo and instead just thud. Otherwise Wrath of Man is an enjoyable film and I am thrilled Guy Ritchie has continued to deliver films that entertain while still bringing his signature style to his work. 

Wrath of Man Trailer

Wrath of Man is currently playing in Theaters.

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