Episode 109: SIFF 2021: Sweat / Faya Dayi / The Earth is Blue as an Orange

“The world is blue as an orange
No error the words do not lie
They no longer allow you to sing
In the tower of kisses agreement
The madness the love
She her mouth of alliance
All the secrets all the smiles
Or what dress of indulgence
To believe in quite naked.
The wasps flourish greenly Dawn goes by round her neck
A necklace of windows
You are all the solar joys
All the sun of this earth
On the roads of your beauty.”

Paul Eluard’s Poem – The World Is Blue As An Orange

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On Episode 109 of Drink in the Movies Michael & Taylor discuss their First Impressions of: Zola & Those Who Wish Me Dead and the SIFF 2021 Films: Sweat, Faya Dayi, and The Earth is Blue as an Orange.

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Sweat, Faya Dayi, and The Earth is Blue as an Orange are currently seeking distribution and/or are not yet available.

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