Bentonville Film Festival 2021 Capsule Review: Catch the Fair One

Written by Alexander Reams


While recently becoming a meme thanks to the long going Fast & Furious franchise, family truly is one of the strongest bonds in life. A love for one’s family can blind the person from reality. Such is the case in Josef Wladkya’s Catch the Fair One. Following pro boxer Kali Reis as she inserts herself into a human trafficking operation to try and find her sister, and bring her home. The problem with being a writer, director, and producer of a film is that a person can get stretched thin, such is the case here. Wladkya’s lack of subtlety destroys any chance of emotional connection with its protagonist. While the story is intriguing, it constantly feels unbalanced and juvenile, as if it was written by people who are new to filmmaking, spoiler alert, it was. Kali Reis is a first time actor and writer here and it shows, her performance felt like she was constantly sleepwalking through the film. Which never pulled my interest or made me care for her character. The film as a whole felt like it was sleepwalking, no clear direction or a want to convey any message. From a film that showcases that it was produced by Darren Aronofsky, I expected a lot more. I wanted to care about this project more than ended up being able to. In total Catch the Fair One is a grave disappointment that left me wanting a better script, direction, and honestly just a better movie overall.

Catch the Fair One Trailer

Catch the Fair One was screened at the 2021 Edition of Bentonville Film Festival and is currently awaiting Distribution.

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