Fantasia Film Festival 2021 Capsule Review: Hold Me Tight

Written by Alexander Reams


Finding a mate is a tried and true trope in any medium of media. What sets the iconic stories apart is the ability to connect with its audience while also having a unique way to convey their story. Mélanie Robert-Tourneur’s Hold Me Tight has that rare honor of being able to uniquely tell its story. No dialogue, only using visual storytelling, a technique that is not used enough in the filmmaking medium. While also using a different method of animation, all the frames look like they were created using oil paints. This not only kept me thoroughly interested, but emotionally involved to a degree. However due to a lack of understanding in the environment we are immediately placed in there is always a sense of confusion and distortion to the short runtime. If the film were expanded into a feature and there was more time to get to know the characters it may be able to overcome this shortcoming. Despite this misunderstanding, in this short runtime I did find myself caring for the characters and marveling at the animation on display.

Hold Me Tight Trailer

Hold Me Tight was screened at Fantasia 2021 Film Festival and is currently awaiting distribution.

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