Written by Michael Clawson


An understated, understanding, and sensitively observed character study set in 70’s New York City, in which an aspiring young female photographer named Susan Weinblatt (Melanie Mayron) independently navigates a new chapter in her life after her best friend and roommate Anne, a writer, gets married and moves out. 

With both a great sense of humor and great respect for Susan, Weill shows her taking unglamorous gigs for money while separately chasing her artistic dreams, getting involved with a couple different men (one much older than the other), and trying out a peppy vagabond as a new roommate (just for the company really, considering Susan doesn’t even charge her rent). 

As a picture of contemporary urban life for single, creative women, it’s neither particularly rosy nor dreary. Working in a mode of unvarnished realism, Weill’s interest lies in matter of factly depicting Susan’s valuing of her independence and personal space, even while adjusting to a life of less time with her best friend.

Girlfriends Trailer

Girlfriends is currently available to purchase or rent on major VOD platforms.

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