A La Cara (Face to Face)

Written by Alexander Reams


    “I don’t give a shit if you’re sorry.”

As a society we treat the people we find entertaining with such disrespect. Especially in this modern age when every “troll” can hide behind the clicks of a keyboard. Such is the case for the “antagonist” of the film, only known by his username, Alge68, and the person he has been trolling has had enough, the unnamed person who has been trolled goes to Alge68’s apartment to confront him. This is where the film shines, in its tension. There is a constant worry that one of these two characters will not be making it out of the film alive, and not an unwarranted worry, that is becoming a more common storyline in modern Hollywood, the crazed fan meets the subject of his fanaticism. Here, however, expectations are subverted at every turn, which makes the film memorable up until the credits roll, but the character development is nil, even by short film standards. While there is a lot to love, like the troll, there will always be a negative to every positive.

A La Cara (Face to Face) Trailer

A La Cara (Face to Face) is a Oscar qualifying short film that received the 2021 Goya Award for Best Fiction Short Film & has screened at over 90 international film festivals.

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