Project Space 13

Written by Alexander Reams


We have now entered the era of COVID-19 cinema. I firmly believe that this will become the new plague of modern cinema. Many call the MCU or comic book films as a whole, a plague on cinema, despite their cries it’s just not true. A plague on cinema has to be a simpler idea. A movement, or an event that affects the social norms. Movies can be, and for the most part, are meant to escape. Escape from the real world, sitting in a dark room with strangers for 2 hours, and being taken away to a world that makes you forget your problems. Instead of escaping, we are hit with hard reality through a pretentious lens. This is the reality with Michael M. Bilandic’s latest feature Project Space 13

The work on screen is not your average group of performances, each of the three leads is a caricature of a group of people during the early stages of the pandemic. Those who believe that everything would be better during these uncertain times with no police or security (Nate, portrayed serviceably by Keith Poulson), those who don’t believe the fear (a fine Hunter Zimmy as Evan), and those who are just trying to survive (Theodore Bouloukos as Ace). Bouloukos is the standout from the film, being the sole “normal” person in the extremely small cast. These 3 men are trapped in a room together while an artist completes his performance, and every chance I got I questioned why he was still there, there was no reason. While I did appreciate the weirdness of the film, I did not appreciate the generalization of the U.S. population in the film, and the pretentiousness of the piece. It quickly moved into a “message” movie. Showing people as only being one of three things gets boring quickly.

Project Space 13 Trailer

Project Space 13 is playing on Mubi.

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