Sundance 2022 | Curtain Raiser w/ Taylor Baker and Thomas Stoneham-Judge of ForReel

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Speak No Evil”. “Riotsville, USA”. “Fresh”. “Tantura”. “Cha Cha Real Smooth”. “The Mission”. “After Yang”. These are just a few of the many films that Thomas Stoneham-Judge from ForReel and I cover in this curtain raiser video for Sundance 2022.

Covering Sundance for the first time in 2021 lead to some incredible early discoveries of films that have since crept into the mainstream and captivated the attention of wider audiences. Films like “Violation“, which went on to complete an extensive film festival run spanning nearly a year. And “Pleasure“, which was acquired by A24 then sold to Neon. And “On the Count of Three”, which releases later this year, more than a year after it premiered. And of course, last year’s Sundance debuted Theo Anthony’s “All Light, Everywhere” which became my favorite documentary of 2021.

So it’s hard not to enter this year’s Sundance festival with high hopes for incredible filmmaking surprises. Sundance runs online only this year from January 20th to January 30th with dozens of promising feature films, documentary films, and experiences slated for this year’s festival, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Filmed on Saturday, January 15th at “the buttcrack of 10:30am”, Thomas and I look over this year’s selections and challenge ourselves to choose their most anticipated movie in each of Sundance’s categories. Which is more difficult than it sounds if you’ve seen the lineup. We also address other films we’re interested in while also trying to decide which film is most likely to blow us away this year.

New Frontier – the category that puts the latest in VR experiences and storytelling – will be a part of Thomas & ForReel’s coverage of the festival.

To learn more about Sundance – including full lineup and tickets – just visit

Now, allow us to raise the curtain on Sundance 2022:

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