Code Name Banshee

Directed by: Jon Keeyes
Distributed by: Screen Media Films

Written by Jeff Sparks


“Code Name Banshee” is a new low-budget direct-to-video action movie that features poor cinematography, crude editing, rushed storylines, and generic writing. Normally I wouldn’t touch one of these VOD movies with a five-hundred-foot pole but the exception with this particular one is that it stars Jaime King, an actress that I have always been impressed by who has unfortunately fallen into the direct-to-video abyss at this point in her career. It also features Antonio Banderas, Tommy Flanagan, and Catherine Davis. In the movie, King plays Banshee, a mercenary who attempts to save her former mentor when her business rival tries to track him down to tie up loose ends. If you’ve seen King’s previous abysmal VOD movie “Out of Death” then you know what type of content preceded “Banshee”. It has the same ugly, discolored visual, and cringe-worthy editing that screams amateur hour. As for the action, it’s fine. King is stone cold as Banshee but like the rest of the movie, the scenes aren’t filmed very well.

Another thing I didn’t like is that barely anything happens in this ninety-three-minute feature. Even though it’s only just meant to be a cheap action flick there are times when it could have slowed down and let a few scenes build for a while. There’s a scene where a major character dies but instead of mourning his family basically says “oh well” and it’s back to the action. How am I supposed to get interested in these characters if I don’t believe they are acting like real people? I guess I’m not supposed to since this is just supposed to be mindless entertainment and nothing more. I suppose I was not bored during this, so that is one thing on which it succeeds. Although that’s most likely due to the fact that Jaime King is doing her best to elevate this project by giving it her all in every scene. Not many actors have the ability to carry a movie on their back and make it better than it is like King can. It’s just a shame that she’s wasting that talent on forgettable movies like this.

“Code Name Banshee” Trailer

“Code Name Banshee” is available to rent on VOD.

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