Slamdance 2023: MiND MY GOOFiNESS: the Self Portrait

Directed by: Alex Michel
Distributed by: TBA

Written by Maria Athayde 


“MiND MY GOOFiNESS: the Self Portrait,” written, directed, produced, edited, and starring Alex Michel, is a short film I am still trying to come to terms with. Experimental and goofy in the best possible ways “MiND MY GOOFiNESS” tells the story of Alex (Alex Michel) – a guy living in L.A. who wishes he was “funnier like Bernie Mac or Candance Ownes” – who agrees to do a favor for his friend Trav and pick-up a marijuana plant from a stranger’s house in Bel-Air. However, what starts as a simple favor slowly unravels after a series of unexpected obstacles make getting to Bel-Air extremely complicated. 

This short is deja vu personified as it captures Alex’s dilemma with each new interaction pushing Alex further away from retrieving the plant in Bel-Air. From a Uber ride with a paranoid woman to his sister, Jay, who makes him cancel her dance class, and his ex, Perry, who he has to return a book to. It seems that every person Alex encounters is conspiring to stop him from getting to Bel-Air and moving on with his day. In this sense, the movie feels very familiar as it makes you remember times your own plans being interrupted by overbearing friends, family, and exes.   

Despite frustrating setbacks, Alex manages to make it to Bel-Air and retrieve the plant. I, for one, could not help and root for Alex. Nothing is worse than having plans ruined, even if you had no plans at all, by doing a favor you did not want to do in the first place. There are a few clever visuals, gags, and a surprise at the end that got some giggles out of me. Even though Alex was wearing so many hats, he delivered a competent and entertaining short film that captured the absurdity and mundanity of everyday life. In the end, “MiND MY GOOFiNESS” was billed as a self-portrait, but I suspect many of those watching will find familiarity with what they see on screen.

“MiND MY GOOFiNESS” was screened as part of the 2023 edition of the Slamdance Film Festival.

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