Directed by: Pete Ohs
Distributed by: Visit Films, LLC

Written by Jeff Sparks


Nowadays it feels like every movie is two hours or longer. The 90-minute feature is almost a thing of the past spare a few exceptions. Perhaps that length isn’t enough for a full story anymore. Some would say it never was. I however disagree. It isn’t about the time length, it’s about how you use it. Like how there are great films with long run times, there are great films with short run times as well. Recent examples of this are the 84-minute “Saint Maud” from 2021 and the mere 51-minute “Lux Æterna ” from 2022. This year we have “Jethica” starring Callie Hernandez, Ashley Denise Robinson, and Will Madden which clocks in at only 72 minutes long.

Early on in the film, we see Elena (Callie Hernandez who’s locked in as always) driving through a desolate desert. While stopping at a gas station she bumps into an old friend named Jessica (Robinson) and invites her over to catch up. Back at her house, Jessica reveals that she’s on the run from a stalker named Kevin. Not long after, Elena spots him wandering around outside. After Jessica admits that she killed Kevin days earlier, the two realize they are dealing with a ghost and will have to find a way to get rid of him. 

Although it sounds like a horror movie, the film is actually more like a satire with black comedy and a focus on themes of loneliness and desperation for connection. The short runtime allows for some sharp editing. Every cut and camera angle feels purposeful and thought out. The integration of the themes is done smoothly as well as they come full circle at the end. While it’s not a great film, “Jethica” is a decent watch with a short runtime that works to its benefit, as I don’t think its concept could sustain its own existence for two hours.

“Jethica” Trailer

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