One Fine Morning

Directed by: Mia Hansen-Løve
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics

Written by Jeff Sparks


Because casting director Younga De Peretti enlisted a couple of actors from the show “OVNI(s), ”Nicole Garcia and star Melvil Poupaud, I almost expected the series co-star Daphne Patakia to star in the lead role in “One Fine Morning.” Instead, we’ve got another one of the finest actresses working today in Léa Seydoux who plays Sandra, a woman who cares for her aging father who has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease while also juggling raising her child and revitalizing her love life. One of the best things about the film is the realistic manner in which it depicts the complexities of life from Sandra’s perspective. Seydoux dominates the screen time, appearing in what feels like every frame. The usage of her perspective really cuts out a piece for this film in the slice-of-life genre. The hardships she goes through are hers and hers alone. When other characters inflict pain on her, her sorrow is justified because we see that the sorrow she feels is what she has received on her end, regardless of the other character’s intentions. 

The nuanced direction by Hansen-Løve adds another layer of realism over top of Seydoux’s performance. This duo of elements will certainly allow some viewers to connect with the film on a deep level. Whether it’s the portrayal of the full-time job that is raising a child, the grief of losing a parent, or the uncertainties of companionship these are things that many have experienced and will connect with Sandra on. While that aspect is appreciated by me, most of the cinematography is average. Largely comprised of set shots, the film is shot well enough so that the camera work isn’t a con but it’s not something that wowed me either. Hansen-Løve’s down-to-earth story and Seydoux’s subtle performance make for a good film, but its lack of any visual flair keeps it from being a great one. 

“One Fine Morning” Trailer

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