Directed by: Wes Anderson
Distributed by: Netflix

Written by Alexander Reams


Throughout each of these shorts, each principal actor (Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, and Dev Patel) takes center stage as the monologue character. The performer who delivers the most exact Dahl writing, and sets scenes, provides tone, and inflection, all while breaking the fourth wall. “Poison” is the Dev Patel show, he is the first character we are introduced to, Timber Woods, whom we meet as he is parking at his friend, Harry Pope’s (Benedict Cumberbatch), house. When Woods enters, Pope is motionless and claims a deadly snake rests on his chest. Woods calls in Dr. Ganderbai (Ben Kingsley) and the pair set out to save Harry. Cumberbatch is wonderfully curt as the frightened Pope and quickly flips the switch from fearful to anger when his pride is challenged. The grassland production design is a new environment for Anderson to put his stamp on and the look and feel of the bungalow that the story primarily takes place in is not the most intricate design that Anderson has done but it feels perfect. Patel is the star and he is in nearly every frame, seemingly in full control of the story. “Poison” is fantastically tense and another stellar Dahl adaptation by Anderson. 

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