Episode 25: Favorite Films of 2018: Part 2

Cinema is not about format, and it’s not about venue. Cinema is an approach. Cinema is a state of mind on the part of the filmmaker. I’ve seen commercials that have cinema in them, and I’ve seen Oscar-winning movies that don’t. I’m fine with this.

Steven Soderbergh

This week on the Podcast we discuss our number 5-1 favorite films of 2018, as well as hand out show awards for each of our Top 3 Doc’s, Top 3 OST, Favorite Actor and Actress(Lead and Supporting), Top 3 Directorial Debuts, Favorite Classic Discovery, and our Top 3 Technically Beautiful Films.

Click here for ->Michael and Taylor‘s Top 10 Lists for 2018.


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Streaming links for titles this episode

If Beale Street Could Talk on Hulu

Maniac, Burning, Roma, Private Life and Hostiles on Netflix


First Reformed and Hereditary are currently available to rent from multiple sources.

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