Episode 26: 2019 Movie Preview / Glass / Serenity / Velvet Buzzsaw / Coherence

” I have this whole picture of the film in my head and then I put it all down on paper and storyboard it; showing the movie shot by shot. I like to feel that I have thought of everything before the camera starts rolling but I think that’s probably my asset and weakness as a film maker. I am giving my cast a target that I have in my mind and they are trying to hit it. It’s positive because I know exactly what I want to get out of my actors and the scene. But the negative is that I might not catch the lightning in the bottle, I may not get that unexpected improvised brilliance.”

M. Night Shyamalan

In Episode 26 we discuss First Impressions of The Boys & Hellboy. Our 2019 Movie Preview of the 10 titles we’re each most excited for this new year. Then cover the Feature Films: Glass, Serenity, Velvet Buzzsaw, and Coherence.


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Streaming links for titles this episode

Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix

Coherence on Hulu

Glass on HBO NOW and HBO Go

Serenity is currently available to rent from multiple sources.

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