Episode 59: Favorite Films of 2019 Part 2

“I think my cinema is minimalist because so is my gaze: I’m very interested in people. As a child, I was always interested in observing the behaviour of others. Somehow that’s something that has recently connected with what I’m interested in exploring in my movies. In a restaurant, for example, I see three men at a table, and I’m fascinated imagining what they might be talking about, or what their lives might be like. I’m watching all the time and taking ideas of life itself.”

Joanna Hogg

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On Episode 59 the Podcast Michael & Taylor discuss their number 5-1 favorite films of 2019, as well as hand out show awards for each of our Top 3 Documentaries, Top 3 OST’s, Favorite Actor and Actress(Lead and Supporting), Top 3 Directorial Debuts, 3 Favorite Classical Discoveries, and Top 3 Technically Beautiful Films.

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