Episode 60: 1917 / The Naked Kiss / The Steel Helmet

“When I was making these damned pictures, I never knew about film noir. If you had asked me about it then, I probably would have pointed to something like Bill Wellman’s The Ox Bow Incident, the best Western I ever saw and very much in the style of film noir I don’t care if it’s a mystery story, a Western, or the story of Julius Caesar. To me it’s the emotion, the lies, the double-cross that defines what kind of drama it is.”

Samuel Fuller

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On Episode 60 of the Podcast Michael & Taylor discuss their First Impressions of: Saint Maud & First Cow and the Titles: 1917, The Naked Kiss, and The Steel Helmet.

Streaming links for titles this episode

The Naked Kiss on Prime Video, Kanopy, Criterion Channel

The Steel Helmet on Kanopy and Criterion Channel

1917 is currently available to rent from multiple sources.

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