Sundance 2022 | Mid-Fest Discussion w/ Taylor Baker, Thomas Stoneham-Judge, and Taylor Beaumont

We’ve made our way though a number of Sundance 2022 selected films already, including “A Love Song”, “Speak No Evil”, “After Yang”, and “God’s Country” with more coverage still to come. Now that most of the movies in Sundance’s lineup have had their premiere, it’s time to reconvene and discuss some of the movies we most anticipated before the festival began.

Check out Taylor Baker’s ranked list of Sundance 2022 Films.

This is a spoiler conversation, so be aware that major details and plot points of these films will be discussed without spoiler warnings. Tune in and enjoy the conversation about films like “Alice”, “Dual”, and “Cha Cha Real Smooth” if you’ve also had the chance to see them!

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